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Why Agri-Inject is the Best Solution for
Fertigation & Chemigation

Plants don’t eat, they DRINK: Fertigation improves nutrient absorption by plants, and chemigation provides timely and accurate chemical application.

Agri-Inject makes fertigation and chemigation even more effective by ensuring plants get what they need, when they need it with no waste.

Use your existing irrigation to its fullest extent with precision, cost-effective fertigation and chemigation using Agri-Inject’s industry-leading products and solutions.

We provide configurations to handle nearly ANY product for nearly ANY irrigation system!

Get Better Yields & Better ROI

Dive in and learn about the financial, environmental and agricultural benefits of precision fertigation, and how your operation can benefit from Agri-Inject products. 

How Much
Can You Save?


Less expensive than custom or aerial application. No waiting for spray planes — apply just what you need when you need it.


Apply less fertilizer without sacrificing results with precise application across the field.


Agri-Inject units pay for themselves after a single year of use. See ongoing benefits field after field, season after season.


Learn more about our industry-leading
fertigation & chemigation products.

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The APPLY ►yourself® app from Agri-Inject is an application designed to take the complication and guesswork out of selecting and calibrating an injection pump for virtually any agriculture, nursery, or green industry market.

Key Features

We Wrote the Book on Chemigation & Fertigation

Learn the basics, see university test data, FAQs, and more. 

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About Agri-Inject, Inc.

Agri-Inject is the leader in quality chemigation and fluid application technology since 1983. We specialize in manufacturing chemical injection and fluid application solutions for agricultural, industrial, municipal and residential use.

Get a FREE Key for Injection System Maintenance

We recommend you check your system each season prior to irrigation. Fortunately, Agri-Inject has made that process even easier by offering a free “clean key” that features two different key sizes, allowing it to be used on the Classic Mister Mist’r®, Alpha Mister Mist’r®, Omni Mister Mist’r® and Ultra Mister Mist’r® injection valves.