Intelligent Injection Control
for Variable Rate Fertigation®

In agriculture today, precision application of fertilizers and chemicals is becoming increasingly important. Irrigation applications are becoming more variable based on the crop, soil type, pivot speed and/or position, corner swing arms, and seeding rates. Therefore, it is crucial that you achieve accurate injection by using a system that can respond to these changing conditions. Introducing Reflex Evolution®, the Intelligent Injection Control system from Agri-Inject®.

The reflex responds immediately to irrigation changes. Technology in the reflex panel allows the injection pump to be precisely proportional to the flow of the irrigation system. The changing water flow rates are sensed automatically and immediate adjustments are made to the injection pump rate to ensure that directly correlates to your prescription.

Key Features

Varies the injection rate proportional to flow

Enables Variable Rate Fertigation®

User-friendly control panel with color touch screen

Acid and chlorine compatibility

Compatible with water most water flow meters

Available in 3-phase, 240 or 480 volts, and single phase 115 or 230 volts

What is the Reflex Evolution® System Used For?

• Corner pivot irrigation systems
• Drip irrigation
• Athletic complexes

• Variable rate irrigation systems
• Golf courses
• Zone-based variable rate irrigation systems

The reflex panels are engineered to interface with existing VRI controllers that have a fertigation prescription output.

Without reflex, up to 50 acres on a quarter section corner machine are at risk of up to 40% under-fertilization.

The rugged Nomad sealed base provides a solid foundation and keeps unit out of the dirt for trouble-free operation.

The NEMA 3R panel is built to UL 508A industrial control panel standards. Finished in sunlight reflective light powder coating for optimal cooling and features a tamper resistant entry door.

Set-Up Process

• Setting up the reflex panel to work properly with virtually any type of irrigation system is simple. The touchscreen panel allows the user to configure the system for flow settings, sensor information, injection pump settings, and more. In less than five minutes, reflex is programmed and ready to work.

• Rugged, IP67 power connectors (incoming and outgoing). Simple to operate. Quick connect and positive locking. Designed/rated for the appropriate power voltage and amp loads.

• With reflex technology, the changing irrigation flow rates are sensed automatically and adjustments are immediately made to the rate of the injection pump to ensure consistent fertilizer dosing.

Future of precision agriculture

Today we’re on the doorstep of dynamic growth of precision farming within the global agricultural industry. Agri-Inject products are perfectly in sync with precision agriculture. They are the cost effective way to apply precise amounts of fertilizer and crop protection products at precisely the right times during the growing season. That’s a sound “precision strategy” for improving yields and ensuring crop health for many years to come.

Locate a Dealer!

Agri-Inject products are distributed globally through an authorized dealer network. Each dealer has a solid reputation for responsive service and technical support. When you’re irrigating, you can’t afford to wait for answers. You’ll find the support you need from Agri-Inject is just around the corner.