Any Type of Treatment
Any Type of Crop

Any Type of Treatment...

Nearly all common agricultural products can be applied through Agri-Inject systems including fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, wetting agents or growth regulators.

Products must be labeled for approved use, so check the product label or consult your input provider or agronomist to ensure that it is approved for application through irrigation.

Fertilizer Application

Reap the financial, environmental and agricultural benefits of precision fertigation; your operation can benefit from Agri-Inject systems.

Insect Control

Provide safer, more timely and economical insect control treatment to your fields — don't risk yields on the next spray plane's availability; apply treatment within minutes and protect your crops immediately.

Fungus Control

About 25% of the world's crops are affected by fungus each year; up to 1 billion metric tons of food are lost as a result. Protect your crops and improve your yields by precisely applying fungicide through your existing irrigation system.

Water Treatment

When "bad" water is the root cause of your less-than-optimal yield, use Agri-Inject products to treat your water's pH and ensure it's doing the most good for your crops.

Variable Rate

As the pioneer of Variable Rate Fertigation®, Agri-Inject has perfected the VRF® technology with the reflex® system, delivering precise application of chemicals through the irrigation system to every square foot of your field.

Remote Control
and Monitoring

Agri-Inject's ReflexCONNECT provides precision in the face of a variety of climate conditions, chemical viscosities, and soils and topographies. With features such as remote control, real time monitoring/alerts, and detailed charts and reports, your chemical and fertilizer applications will be at the next level.

Migrating Insects
and Border Control

Why treat the entire field for migrating insects when all you need to do is protect your borders? With BoundaryRider® from Agri-Inject®, you can save money and labor — while keeping your crop safer from unwanted intruders.

Slurry Application

Switching to precision slurry application methods by using Agri-Inject products helps improve growth and reduce potential contamination. By making slurry more available to crops (plants don't eat, they DRINK), you can improve overall nutrient uptake.

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Any Type of Crop...

Agri-Inject systems are being used all across North America and around the world. Agri-Inject systems are in place in 44 states and on six continents. Wherever irrigation is used to grow food, forage or fiber, Agri-Inject technology can be used as well.

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