Taking Fertigation &
Chemigation to the Next Level

Introducing ReflexCONNECT™ uVRF – the revolutionary new injection system from Agri-lnject. ReflexCONNECT uVRF provides precision in the face of a variety of climate conditions, chemical viscosities, and soils and topographies. With features such as remote control, real time monitoring/alerts, and detailed charts and reports, your chemical and fertilizer applications will be at the next level.

Discover a New Level of Productivity

Better efficiency when you’re in the field. Peace of mind when you’re not. uVRF™ automatically adjusts its application rate based on the sensed speed of the irrigation system. uVRF enables location-based prescriptions on ANY brand/vintage center pivot. 

Key Features


Just touch the screen, follow the easy to understand logic, and tell it how many gallons per acre you want to put down. You can start, stop, and monitor your injection pump remotely.


System setup is straight forward, trips to the field are reduced, and fertilizer & chemical management is optimized. All this makes you more efficient.


The foundation of our product line is a family of the most accurate metering pumps used in the ag industry. Now we've added our FlowMatch™ feature to insure you get the performance, reliability, and safety you expect no matter the conditions.


Agri-lnject has earned the reputation over the last 35 years as the leader in chemical and fertilizer fluid injection. Our build quality, warranty, and support are the best in the industry.

What our clients say...

"With the use of an Agri-Inject pump, we’re able to put 32 percent nitrogen on the crop through our center pivot irrigation. Not only does this save on nitrogen... but we save on labor, fuel costs and machine depreciation. It’s worked so well that I’m planning to buy a second Agri-Inject unit for this coming year.”

Hunter Hooper,

Brownsville, Tennesee

Locate a Dealer!

Agri-Inject products are distributed globally through an authorized dealer network. Each dealer has a solid reputation for responsive service and technical support. When you’re irrigating, you can’t afford to wait for answers. You’ll find the support you need from Agri-Inject is just around the corner.