David Blach

Yuma, Colorado

Passing Agri-Inject Down Through Generations

David Blach is a fourth-generation farmer

David Blach is a fourth-generation farmer, rancher and native of Yuma, Colorado. His family started homesteading in the area in 1887, and he currently farms with his sons — and hopes to pass it on to his grandsons in the future, making them the 5th and 6th generation to farm that land. 

As an Agri-Inject customer, David has seen the impact it’s made on his farming operation through the years — everything from precision application, to better ROI, to better insect control.

“Once everything’s adjusted and timed, I actually can sleep a lot better using Agri-Inject products. I have a lot less headaches than when I first started farming with some other brands.”

To keep an operation profitable, it’s important to be able to expand. As his operation expanded, David recognized how important it was for equipment to be reliable, effective and for the company behind it to provide world-class service.

Agri-Inject is Reliable

“I feel the return on the investment is very good because the products are very reliable, dependable and efficient. That means a lot, right there. Agri-Inject, their service…I can say it blows the doors off fellow competitors. And whenever you have a phone call in and ask questions, you’re going to get an answer pretty shortly.”

In addition to positive ROI from consistent use with a reliable product, the efficiency and timeliness of using Agri-Inject helps reduce yield loss to insects.

“When you’re trying to control your enemies, like the cut worms, you have to get things taken care of exactly when it needs. Otherwise, you can have a big economic effect on your crops. Agri-Inject helps us do a lot in that regard.” 

“We get very good results on our applications.”