Gary & Kyle Kroenke

Dodge County, Nebraska

Giving Crops What They Need, Right When They Need It

Gary and Kyle Kroenke are a father-son team growing corn, soybeans and alfalfa in Nebraska. 

Before they had Agri-Inject, like many growers, the treatment of their crops often depended on the availability of helicopters and planes to execute aerial applications. Sometimes this would leave them waiting for a week — potentially in the middle of a detected infestation — before they could protect their yield effectively. 

And even with an aerial application, the crop isn’t fully protected. In the middle of the growing season, especially for corn, the canopy isn’t going to let the insecticide get to the base of the plant.

Adding the ReflexCONNECT™

“Say you’ve talked to one of your agronomists and they’ve said ‘well you’ve got a problem with disease out here; you’ve got an insect that’s really causing damage.  We can hook up the machine and get it out to the field in probably 15 minutes and get it hooked up in another ten. So basically within a half hour, we’re killing bugs and taking care of some diseases.”

The ReflexCONNECT from Agri-Inject enables growers to remotely monitor their applications, receive real-time monitoring alerts, and get detailed charts and reports for chemical and fertilizer applications. This helps ensure that the right amount of product is being delivered where it’s needed, exactly when it’s needed.

“We’re not just putting on ten gallons per acre on the whole field. We’re getting the right amount of fertilizer per acre with the Agri-Inject Reflex machine. We’re getting a very healthy crop that’s getting the right amount of nutrients, the right amount of insecticide and fungicides on at the right time. And we’re able to do it when we want to.” 

“If someone would come up to me and ask me if they should be looking at an Agri-Inject Reflex machine, I think I probably would say you should’ve done it last year.”